Wednesday, March 7, 2012

installing cakephp on wamp server

change the digit and alphabet; example from

now you can see

alhamdulillah; berjaya juga install cakephp on wamp.

actually i dah start install dari cuti sem hari tu.
but, there's some problem occur.
no css after installation. in other word, no styling at the cakephp homepage.
sangat sangat tak menarik.
so, i pun give up;
then now TERPAKSA sambung buat balik sebab lecturer minta nak tengok progress project.haha

but still, there's a problem at the apache.
it tell that:
"URL rewriting is not properly configured on your server"
even i already allow (uncomment) the mod_rewrite at the httpd.conf document.

then, i try install it at my friend's laptop;
and tak sampai 5 minutes dah siap and boleh jalan.

so, the best way is..i copy the whole folder of apache.

then, after settle the apache; i need to setup the database.
firstly, create database on phpmyadmin.
and change the database name at database.php at cake/app/config

and tadaa

done for installation

padahal orang lain dah lama siap

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