Friday, October 2, 2009

Biology Class

View from our classroom. 3pm

Our tutor for biology is Madam Suhaiba. Chapter Plant now.

This is what we learn for today. pollination

i love chemist

Here, chemistry lab. Its me, teem and nasy, as usual! After all the experiment are done.
To all, good luck ya!

The group discussion with kak zu, teem, aton, me and kak husna.

Share you the picture of the solution that i used for my experiment.
And its smell like euuu..haha
But still, I enjoy doing this experiment.

And sempat lagi compete with miza. But not fair as she start doing the experiment first.

Tadaa. This is my result. The solution's colour change from orange to green..only for butanol..
but alcohol and methyl remain unchanged. and our result..
..the colourless solution is from teem's experiment.. smell like a banana..
the rest are mine..and it smell like a papaya. Haha

What a nice experience.